ENTA: Encrypted Network Traffic Analysis for Cyber Security.

The objective of this project is to develop an encrypted traffic analysis platform.

What is ENTA?

ENTA stands for Encrypted Network Traffic Analysis for Cyber Security.

ENTA Platform

ENTA is developing a platform based on Open Source Kubeflow (kubeflow.org) that supports handling of large-scale network data.

Encrypted Application Detection

The ‘Encrypted Application Detection’ solution will identify encrypted traffic usage and determine possible user activities within an on-going encrypted application traffic.

Rogue IoT Device Detection

The ‘IoT Device Discovery and Rogue IoT Device Detection’ solution will detect encrypted IoT devices inside corporate networks.


Today, more than 80% of Internet traffic is encrypted and there is a strong need for innovative research and development of tools able to provide visibility into encrypted traffic and detect cyber-attacks. The ENTA project will explore two use cases based on Encrypted Network Traffic Analysis (ENTA) to: identify encrypted applications and encrypted Rogue IoT devices. The ENTA project will deliver an encrypted traffic analysis service platform for cyber security that will support a number of basic building blocks necessary for any ML/DL based traffic analysis. The platform will enable other application development e.g., detection of data exfiltation using encrypted channel.

Who we are?

The ENTA proposal consortium is multinational, including firms and academic institutions from Austria, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The consortium includes both providers and users of network cybersecurity services. These companies will be involved in the development of the ENTA solution as well as deployment of the innovations. Group expertise spans network monitoring, traffic classification, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and big data development, both in terms of research and development as well as product development. The team has experience in deployment of network tools and solutions in medium
and large companies, service providers and government agencies.

Get Involved!

The ENTA project partners are looking for Internet and Security Service Providers who will be interested to experiment with ENTA platform. We are looking for University researchers to develop new Use Cases and experiment with the platform. As accurately labelled datasets are of utmost importance, publicly available labelled datasets for both two use cases have been identified and analysis of their integrity, relevancy, and accuracy is in progress. Public contribution to the dataset pool is most welcomed. Public contribution of relevant platform building blocks such as feature extraction, dataset creation, and runtime monitoring is highly appreciated.

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